How to Disagree : Lessons on Productive Conflict at Work and Home

How to Disagree : Lessons on Productive Conflict at Work and Home

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by Ian Leslie


7 Jul 2022

A TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR>Ian Leslie's acclaimed new book reveals the secrets of how to disagree without fighting, and shows how mastering the techniques of productive disagreement can transform every aspect of our lives. 'One of my favourite writers . .

. Beautifully argued, desperately needed.' MALCOLM GLADWELL 'Invaluable. The world will be a better place if everyone reads this book.' PHILPPA PERRY 'A cool bath of sanity in a world of frenzied hot takes.' HELEN LEWIS 'Perspective-shifting in important ways.' OLIVER BURKEMAN What is the secret of happy relationships? How do companies build collaborative cultures? What lies behind some of the greatest scientific and creative breakthroughs? The surprising answer is: conflict.

Whether it's at work, at home or in public, confronting our differences is the only way to make the most out of them. How to Disagree is about how to do that successfully. Drawing on essential lessons from world-class experts on how to disagree well and combining them with inspiring stories of productive disagreements from science, technology and the arts, Ian Leslie reveals how we can reap the benefits of diverse viewpoints in an era that feels more divided than ever.

'I nodded and underlined my way through the book's nearly 300 pages of eloquent, thoughtful advice . . .

If you want to argue better, Leslie's manual will be invaluable.' THE TIMES 'Leslie has a way of bringing fresh perspectives and telling anecdotes to obdurate subjects. Here he talks to everyone from hostage negotiators to divorce lawyers to show how conflict has driven successful companies and technological advances, and to offer ways to harness it in daily life.' NEW STATESMAN***How to Disagree was previously published in 2021 under the title Conflicted.