Night Side of the River

Night Side of the River

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Jeanette Winterson


5 October 2023

The genre-bending and masterful new collection of ghost stories from Jeanette WintersonA ghost has no substance, but it has power - and presence - and it can appear in alternative forms. In the metaverse, we are all alternative forms. The Dead will join us.

'Always passionate and provocative'NEW STATESMAN'The best living writer in this language'EVENING STANDARDOur lives are digital, exposed and always-on. We track our friends and family wherever they go. We have millennia of knowledge at our fingertips.

We know everything about our world. But we know nothing about theirs. We have changed, but our ghosts have not.

They've simply adapted and innovated, found new channels to reach us. They inhabit our apps and wander the metaverse just as they haunt our homes and our memories, always seeking new ways to connect. To live amongst us.

To remind us. To tempt us. To take their revenge.

These stories are not ours to tell. They are the stories of the dead - of those we've lost, loved, forgotten... and feared.

Some are fiction. But some may not be.